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» Welcome to KPop in Monash~!
KPop in Monash Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2015 8:30 pm by Admin

» KPop in Monash Forum Rules
KPop in Monash Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2015 8:26 pm by Admin

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 KPop in Monash Forum Rules

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PostSubject: KPop in Monash Forum Rules   KPop in Monash Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2015 8:26 pm

The examples and explanations listed in the rules are not exhaustive and serve as one example only and not the only case in which that rule can be applied. Common sense should also come into play. If the rules have stated a thing is not permitted, we're not going to play semantics over the exact language.

By signing up to KPop in Monash and using the forum section of the website, you are agreeing to abide by these rules and understand that your account will be penalized for infractions.


  • Criticism to the Staff - The staff does their best to maintain stability and peace on the forums. Do not openly criticize those who run the site. We're here to help anyone who has a problem and we do our best to make things fair for everyone. If you have an issue with a particular moderator or don't feel we do our job right, please contact an administrator and discuss why you feel the way you do.

  • Creating Threads Asking Instead of PM'ing or Wall Posting - We cannot be of much help if we have to deal with the voice of the forum instead of just dealing with the matter at hand. There is no need to create a thread asking why you were warned or banned, or why your thread was locked or closed. Simply bring it up to us in PM or on our wall and we'll give you a clear reason why. Any threads that're relating to the topic of those listed above are just going to be deleted.


  • Pornography - No porn allowed here! This includes but is not limited to fan art and other creations depicting sexual acts, with or without seeing genitals. In cases of minor nudity, we will give a clear warning to you on not to do it again. Otherwise, you'll simply be faced with a ban.

  • Gore - Gore is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to piercing activities and human waste. You will be given a ban if any should be posted.

  • Impersonation - Impersonating is by all means a major offense and anyone impersonating another will be banned should you not cooperate with us, that is, giving us proof that you are who you say you are. Those who impersonate famous people or company representatives/industry insiders will also be banned without reason. This also includes pretending to be in Korea when you are not.
    Deliberately creating an account with a name very similar to another user or giving your account the illusion of being another user is also not permitted.
    Impersonating Forum Staff is never okay. Do not claim to be a Moderator if you are not.

  • Illegal Content - Posting illegal content is not permitted. This includes piracy, e.g., music and software piracy, and violations of intellectual property rights. Any such postings that are seen will be removed.

  • Bashing: Users - Do not call out, abuse or bash users here. We're all part of this community and you must respect this. If you have an issue with one-another, please take it to PMs or wall posts. If you do not comply, action will be taken.


  • Inappropriate Content - Do not post anything offensive, including links, videos, or images. We also don't approve of hateful, racist, discriminatory, sexist, vulgar, and obscene posts or usernames. 

  • Bashing: Artists/Groups - Please refrain from making excessively rude, offensive comments about artists or groups. It's unnecessary and may offend others.

  • Baiting or Instigating Fanwars - For the sake of a healthy community and lively discussions, please refrain from purposely instigating fanwars or baiting people into them. People caught doing so will get a suspension or ban. 

  • Trolling - Those with less than 100 posts are put under mod watch, which means that we won't hesitate to ban you should start to troll right off the bat. Those past that will be punished through warnings and if you can't shape up your act, we will give out bans. 

Note: These are offenses that are highly unlikely to give you a warning, however it's still possible should it be done frequently.

  • Spam - Post that contributes nothing to the original purpose of thread is classified as spam. (Ex: TL;DR in a thread). We suggest not flooding the forum with spam of the following: Goodnight threads/Good morning threads (etc.), threads that contain little to no discussion/content, and threads that contain simply a random picture/funny picture/GIF. 
    Spam also includes flooding. Do not flood the forum with threads. Necro thread flooding (Bumping dozens of old threads at once) is also now against the rules.

  • Purposely Posting in the Wrong Section - Do your best to post in the appropriate section. If you're unsure, please ask a mod to help you find the most appropriate section to what you're posting. If we move your thread, don't move it back. If you move it back it will be deleted. People who consistently post in the wrong section will also have their threads deleted.

  • Inappropriate/Misleading Titles - We're welcome to change a title that can be deemed inappropriate and not relevant to the topic.

  • Advertising - Understand that this forum is run to promote itself, the site, and its advertisements. This is not a site to promote for ones own benefit. Any of this kind will be removed from the site, and repeated actions will warrant harsher punishment.

  • Additional Accounts - Everyone is permitted only one account. Any additional account that is detected will be banned without warning. If you are sharing an internet connection/computer with someone else who wishes to join, please notify the staff in advance. Exception is made if your original account is dysfunctional. If it's the case, then you may create a new account while notifying the staff of the situation so your new account can become your main.

  • False Flags - The flag button's purpose is to report a message or a thread that goes against any of the rules listed here. Purposely flagging somebody for a reason that is not against the rules and doing so repetitively can lead to a suspension. If you are unsure, explain in the comments why you feel the content may need to be looked at.

  • Ban Requests - Allkpop Forums' Staff do not ban people's account on request. Please refrain from asking the staff to ban an account for whatever reason. 

  • Encouraging or Instigating Rule Breaking - Anybody caught encouraging a user to break the rules "just for fun" or to get banned will get punished as well as the person who broke said rules. This includes cheerleading users who are breaking rules. 

  • Privacy - We ask everybody to refrain from posting any content related to another user without their permission. This includes, for example, pictures of a user. Any post that goes against a user's privacy will get deleted, and repetitive actions may lead to a suspension. This rule also covers non users who are not celebrities. (Eg: Idol Ex's, your friends, random person you found on Tumblr). 

  • During any time that the forum is unmoderated - Members who appear to take advantage of the lack of moderating to break known rules will receive suspensions or bans without warning. 

  • Signature rules - Nothing against the regular forum rules (gore, porn, etc..) is permitted in the signature. Also, we ask everybody to put maximum one picture/gif in their signature, and the signature itself must have a maximum height of 400px text included.

We're allowed to edit these rules at any given time for fixes and new additions.
If you have any questions, send a PM to one of the mods.
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KPop in Monash Forum Rules
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